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BASMAH Is A Non-Profit Organization

Helping The Needy People

Help, Be The Reason For Someone's Smile

The day to day living of impoverished individuals is a struggle that is hard to even imagine in our modernized lives.

Imagine having to travel miles for a single glass of water, or not having even two dollars to purchase a loaf of bread. These are real concerns in the lives of the thousands of Bangladeshi villagers living way under the poverty line, due to circumstances outside of their control. Basmah brings not only relief to these villagers, but also a sustainable solution.

This two-fold introduction of a better way of living allows us to benefit those we help with what they need most and provide them with the tools to overcome their obstacles. We are strong believers that every moment counts because lives are on hold for every day that goes by without a helping hand.

Corona Virus Relief Efforts


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future

Recent Causes

Qurbani/Udhiyah 2020

Qurbani/Udhiyah for Rohingya Refugees & Host Community Many of these families only eat meat on Eid, share the meat this Eid!

COVID 19 FOOD APPEAL FOR Rohingya Refugees and Host Community

Your Zakat donations can provide those most deserving a monthly care package of nutritious food.(Iftar Meal + Food Parcel)

Devastating Cyclone Amphan Emergency Relief for Bangladesh

10 million people were affected, and some 500,000 people may have lost their homes in Bangladesh due to devastating cyclone Amphan.

EducationForNeedy - Providing quality education for Rohingya & host community in Bangladesh

Providing quality education forAll (Orphan and others Rohingya & host community) in Bangladesh

COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Rohingya Refugees

Emergency Medical Response for Rohingya Refugees & Bangladeshi People

Stand with a front-line hero in Rohingya camp, who lost his life

Help the families of the front-line workers who are serving the Rohingya refugees & host community risking their own lives during the CoronaVirus battle

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BASMAH helps people hit by COVID-19

25 June 2020

Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity, USA, has distributed essential food items ...

BASMAH stands by helpless people amid C-19 pandemic

23 June 2020

Bangladesh American society of Muslim aid for humanity (BASMAH) USA distributed essential food items ...

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