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Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries; home for 164 million people in an area the size of Illinois. Economic inequality has increased, about 32 percent, i.e. 50 million people still live in extreme poverty. Compounded by corona pandemic & recurrent natural disasters, Bangladesh is struggling immensely with food insecurity. Its common to see homeless parents with children living in the streets. People who live from hand to mouth struggling hard now due to outbreak of corona virus. While we (to whom it applies) are blessed to stay home, with food for our families, millions of poor people are struggling to manage a meal for their families in Bangladesh.

One of the slum dweller said to us when we gave then food that "It is hard to even manage one meal a day let alone two meals for the family. The children are happy that they do not have to worry for the next meal."

Poor people are everywhere in our society. Especially in Corona pandemic, the number is increasing in alarming rate. People who used to live hand to mouth, now are struggling for one meal a day, passing their days in extreme hardship.

Basmah is determined to help these people by providing at least one meal a day. Basmah is working relentlessly on its Food Project and asking you to contribute in this noble act. Please come forward and accompany us in the journey of helping the needy and helpless by ensuring at least one meal a day.

Please come forward and donate to keep the smile on the face of the poor helpless people.

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