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Bangladesh is a developing country. Sanitary napkin is not available in rural areas in Bangladesh that's a matter of shocking. According to the national report, more than 85% of women in Bangladesh do not use a sanitary napkin during the period. 80% percent of them use unhygienic cloths only. And still in rural areas of Bangladesh many prejudices exist where media can't reach to make them aware. In many parts of the country especially in rural areas, girls are not prepared and aware of menstruation so they face many difficulties and challenges at home, schools, and workplaces. Basmah is a non-governmental charity organization and Basmah intends to work raising awareness for good health and to aware women of using sanitary napkin because it's very important for the mother.

Lacking knowledge about remaining safe during menstruation is a big concern and women feel side glance almost everywhere in our country. So, Basmah planned to work for the sake of the mother's health and to develop our society's outlook. Women have developed their strategies to handle this time. Some are hygienic but most of the things are not. Because of unhygienic strategies, it causes cancer even. Menstruation and menstrual practices still face many social, cultural, and religious restrictions which are a big barrier in the path of the menstrual hygiene management. "In school, I felt shame to tell someone about my Menstruation. And it was started during class time. the horrible experience happened in my life that day. And I came to know teenage girls feel shame to tell someone about this, even they hide this matter to their parents." Said by Farhana. According to the Bangladesh National Hygiene Baseline Survey, conducted in 2014, only 14% of women and girls currently using sanitary napkins during menstruation. In Rohingya camp, we guess, it has become a dangerous situation because they are fighting for their lives and they can't afford necessary cloths let alone sanitary napkins.

We will arrange a campaign to develop society's thoughts at different points like in garments, schools & other important places in Bangladesh by Basmah's medical team & volunteers. And we will engage the authority of that area to cooperate us and the head or any agent of them will give awareness speech and we will provide a packet of sanitary napkins for 3months affordable free of cost and an awareness leaflet. And our elementary target to reach out to 120000 women. And for following up, we will collect data of the beneficiaries and they will be given our expertise's number too so that they can get help from our expertise in this arena and also, they will be followed up by our expertise if the beneficiaries use napkins properly. The expertise will help them out if necessary. And we can arrange a mobile camp. And of course, necessary steps will be taken immediately if necessary.

BASMAH USA also intends to work through its partner in the host community particularly with women and adolescents for the same purpose. In the host community, this project will target a total of 12000 vulnerable women by giving free sanitary napkins.

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