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Many households are devastated by poverty and unemployment in Bangladesh. Women especially who are the head of households, are often among the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh. Women have few opportunities to earn income and are often discriminated in the workforce. We have established vocational program for the poor women to become self-sufficient. Our sewing machine training and distribution program provide these women with the skills needed to initiate a small business in their household. We are running the sewing machine training centers in Cox’s bazar, Mymensingh and Narayanganj districts and in the process of opening centers in many other paces in Bangladesh.

This is a dual pronged approach, providing free sewing machines as well as three months of training to create a stream of income for these women. In the last year more than 100 poor women have already benefited from this program. We are implementing the program in collaboration with BASMAH Foundation. Each sewing machine costs $125, and training costs $50. Your generous donation can help change the life of a poor woman.

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